Sunday, February 24, 2013

WPP Part C: Implementation_CEP812

WPP Part C-Implementation:
            In terms of my implementation plan of utilizing Google Docs in my classroom I have had a lot of good surprises. A lot of kids already knew how to use Google Docs and were aware with most of its features. Things have gone surprisingly well. We moved to a completely web-based form of bell work so far (we’ve had sort of a packed unit with Julius Caesar/snow days/mid-winter break last week), but basically instead of coming in and doing their bell work first thing, they are doing it online/at home and typing their response. I have shared a Google Doc for Bell Work with them (we still call it Bell Work J) and each day I type in the entry they will answer that night. It’s been a bit more thoughtful considering there’s no rush and they know only I know what they, specifically, wrote. They’re excited each day to see what I will post when I put all of the responses onto the screen using the projector. As of right now they are not leaving their initials next to their post. What they are doing is kind of cool and easy for them. They are then creating their own Google doc that is only shared with me and I can simply see all of their individual answers. They just copy and paste into the class Google doc. Some kids will volunteer answers, but most of the time they get to comment without fear of sharing, which goes along with that whole idea of back channeling and giving a voice to those who don’t normally vocalize theirs. Surprisingly enough, based on a survey I had them complete, they find this process much more compelling and interesting (although it does sometimes take longer when sharing). My plan, moving forward with Google Docs, is to have them each, at the end of the Julius Caesar unit, share their Google doc’d Julius Caesar Persuasive ACT-style essay  with me since they now all have my gmail email. Below is a screenshot of their responses to a Bell Work question.

            In terms of unexpected bumps, there haven’t been too many. The kids who do not have computers/internet at home have been able to get to the LMC before leaving school, or they can use another lab’s computer to complete the assignment so they don’t have to worry. The other “bump” is the annoyance of having to check so many Docs (I have 58 sophomores). It’s a lot to keep track of, but as of right now, I’m managing—especially since I don’t have to check their individual bell work documents until the end of the unit. It also gives them time to go back and make up any they didn’t do. In terms of revision, I’m thinking I would make them put their initials and I would start asking them to comment on at least one other person’s post. That way I don’t have to check through 58 separate Google Docs.
            With delights, I have generally been delighted with the use of it. I think, especially with the Caesar essay coming up promptly, they will have no excuses when they say they haven’t completed drafts because having it shared with me I can provide feedback as they’re going through the writing process. I think I touched on my delights with the surprises.

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  1. Great job Emily... it is always so refreshing when kids jump right in because they are already familiar with the technology... keep it up!