Monday, February 4, 2013

Group Meeting_CEP 812: Web Conferencing for Flipped PD

Google Hangout Web Conference for Flipped PD

YouTube Version

This was a really important step to take in terms of face to face interaction (even though for some reason I can't see anyone but they can all see me) and I think my gruop really needed some time to flesh out or ideas and verbally discuss the steps we would each take in completing this problem. Craig and I had already spoken a few days prior on Google Hangout and although his mic didn't work this time when Katie was able to join us, he was able to communicate via the chat mode. He and I had already come up with the idea and we just wanted to hear Katie's ideas and suggestions regarding our plan. This was a great step in really getting the ball rolling.

Besides Craig not being able to speak and Katie and I having to make sure we were paying attention to his chat comments, there were no awkward or surprising moments. The group considered a lot of different mediums for creating not just the final project, but each individual portion, the storyboard and the script. Katie thought it might be good to map out our project first just in our already shared google space, and then to use Google presentation to storyboard it out. We discussed using video or students, screenshots taken by us, audio over those screenshots/slides/video and finall Craig offered to put it all together using Camtasia although iMovie was offered by Katie and me. We plan to conference again this week once all individual roles are fullfilled. I will absolutely use Google docs in my room and also discuss it with fellow educators in my building.

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  1. Hi Emily! What a great idea to plan in phases like your group chose to do. I love how your group got the full usage of Google Hangouts by using the chat and screenshare/Google Doc features. I can't wait to see what your PD has in store for us! Do you have any screenshots from the session that you can share?