Sunday, February 10, 2013

Flipped PD_CEP812

Our group's final Flipped PD presentation deals with the use of Google docs in the classroom. It depicts for teachers basic and advanced functions. Before the PD day we may ask teachers to fill out the following Pre-Presentation Survey so we can gauge where they are in terms of their Google Docs knowledge. Just as it's always important to know your students, in this way we will know how much knowledge they have before we get to the PD day. They will then use our instructional video to begin reviewing or learning the functions and purposes of Google docs. The PD's agenda would then be about reviewing those concepts and discussing uses within the classroom. While they watch the Final Flipped PD Presentation they will have the opportunity to practice skills as they go. As it tells them to there will be moments for them to pause and try what is being asked of them. Each teacher will be able to assess their learning while providing feedback to the PD instructors using this Google Docs Feedback Form so we can see if they have any questions as they're working or any challenges they are facing and then they can be addressed during the PD session. The PD time will then be for answering any and all of their questions. They can then breakout within departments for work time and brainstorm time for how these tools can be used in the classroom. Each department's goal should be to create a workable/usable Google doc that can be immediately implemented in their classroom. The next step will be to have teachers take a Post-Presentation Exit Survey so we can see what needs to be improved upon for next time.

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