Sunday, December 2, 2012

Online Experience

Talk about how you could use one of the technologies that qualify as an online experience with your students. 
  • What content could this help you teach? 
I might choose to use a wiki, or a collaborative editing place on the web for peer editing purposes. Especially with lower students, making the editing process more useful and fulfilling is a hard road to sow. They often don’t take the editing process seriously, but if their edits were available for everyone to see, both the student who made the edits and the student who wrote the essay may take the process more seriously. 
Other cool ideas include online field trips with novels (Central Park/NY for Catcher, Rome for Julius Caesar, etc.), Online Resource Validation for any research process, an electronic portfolio for their written work, etc. 
  • What type of pedagogical strategies might you use with your students? 
Certain strategies I may use with a wiki for paper editing purposes would be having each student look for certain specific aspects of the editing process with each paper i.e. one student looks at the hook, the next on the background, and the next on thesis, and so on and so forth. I would try to scaffold the process, and also try to model it first. It would be sort of a rotation, so what they are looking for changes. 
  • What technologies do you think would be harder to use with your students? Why? 
I think certain technologies that may be more difficult to use in an English classroom would be an Interactive Discussion with Experts in just that it may be much more planning that would be involved, although it would be extremely cool to be able to use. 

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